Minister Holland is a pioneer in Canada being a member of turkey organizations since their inception.  Mike is a co-founder of the CWTF and a huge advocate for all things outdoors, conservation and resources.  Thank you for taking the time to share your story and for your passion and commitment to keeping the outdoors safe and healthy for generations to come.  

More Episodes

Turkey Talk - Ep #010 - Kevin Bartley - GobbleStalker Game Calls

April 13, 2021

Kevin Bartley has been making custom turkey calls for many years. We use Kevin's calls and can attest to why they are so much better! We discuss turkey calls, why custom calls may give you an advantage and provide some tips on turkey calling. Thank you Kevin for taking the time to be on Turkey Talk.

Get your kids outdoors, follow your passion and always... Keep it Real! #getyourkidsoutdoors #keepitreal #passiontoplate #sharehunting #gobblestalkergamecalls #turkeycalling #CWTF

Turkey Talk - Ep# 009 - Linda Powell - O.F. Mossberg & Sons

April 13, 2021

Linda Powell from O.F. Mossberg & Sons is an inspiration to anyone who started hunting later in life. We won't ruin the story but just know that Linda is a very accomplished hunter and outdoors enthusiast. Linda is a mentor to many and is passionate about getting people involved in shooting sports and the outdoors. We had a great conversation, hope you enjoy!

Get your kids outdoors, follow your passion and always... Keep it Real!

#getyourkidsoutdoors #keepitreal #passiontoplate #sharehunting #mossberg #mentor

Turkey Talk - Ep#008 - Reg Wales & Darryl Wilson - VortexOptics Canada

April 1, 2021

What a great learning opportunity with both Reg Wales, Technical Field Advisor for Vortex Optics Canada and Darryl Wilson, Red Dot Expert, Warranty Master and all round vessel of knowledge on the podcast. These guys know their optics and are very passionate about Vortex. We discuss red dots and more and how they apply to turkey hunting. Better do some research now, you are going to want one after listening to this!

Vortex Optics Canada -


Visit our website -

#getyourkidsoutdoors #keepitreal #passiontoplate #sharehunting #CWTF #bestopticsever #vortexnation

Turkey Talk - Ep #007 - Liam Morin & Mike Finley - An Urban Outdoorsman

March 27, 2021

It's never too late to pursue your passions in the outdoors. An Urban Outdoorsman is the perfect example. These guys started in the outdoors later on in life, no mentors or prior instruction, just the need and want to get out and do it. Check out their website and podcast at

Always great to chat and hunt with these guys, enjoy!

Please visit the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation:

You can find us here:

#getyourkidsoutdoors #keepitreal #passiontoplate #sharehunting

An Urban Outdoorsman Bio:

Mike Finley - I am an environmental lawyer who was born and raised in Toronto. I am an "adult onset" hunter - took it up 6 years ago with only the internet as a mentor. I am primarily a bird hunter, and my particular passion is upland hunting. I also love writing about hunting - my work has been published in Gray's Sporting Journal.

Liam Morin - Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Liam is an avid fan of missing things he shoots at. Generally considered a better cook than hunter he enjoys serving up wild game for friends and family. Liam co-produces the anurbandoorsman podcast and is always game to go on any new hunting adventure. He loves testing out new recipes, talking to strangers (about hunting and fishing) and improving his hunting property in Eastern Ontario, where he maintains an off-grid cabin.

Podcast: An urban outdoorsman podcast is an outdoors podcast focused hunting, fishing, camping and gardening with a particular focus on beginners. We started the podcast because we felt that there was not enough quality, canadian-based hunting content out there and not enough that was accessible to newcomers to the sport.

Turkey Talk - Ep# 006 - Lori-Anne Horst - Canadian Sportswoman Society

March 19, 2021

CWTF's Turkey Talk Podcast Ep#006 - Lori-Anne Horst from The Canadian Sportswoman Society.  Lori-Anne and her crew have been helping others get outdoors through mentoring, workshops and seminars.  Lori-Anne is one of the most genuine people around and her mission is her passion.  Check out our conversation with Lori-Anne as she shares her journey and how she became involved in the outdoors.

About the Canadian Sportswomen Society:

The Canadian Sportswoman Society started because I and so many others out there didn't grow up having anyone to help get them into hunting or shooting sports. We want to be that support.

As there is a very steady increase in women and youth entering the hunting community, we felt what better way to help support them than to provide a safe, positive environment with hands-on learning. A base so that, once out in the field, they can directly apply a solid foundation of knowledge and confidence.

The great thing about the hunting community is that most people are very welcoming, patient, and helpful. Most are more than willing to take new people out as they want to see the future of the outdoors grow and continue to pass on our hunting heritage and conservation efforts for the generations to come.

Its been an amazing adventure. We have had the pleasure of meeting/helping hundreds of like-minded people from across the province and beyond. Many of whom I consider great friends, and cant wait to see what the future holds for us, them, and all of you.

Turkey Talk - Ep#005 - Keith Beasley - Canada In The Rough

March 11, 2021

The Beasley Brothers and their well known Canadian outdoor documentary show, Canada In The Rough, are now in their 18th season and going strong.  Bringing their stories and adventures to those that some day dream of a Newfoundland moose hunt or a rocky mountain sheep hunt.  On this episode of Turkey Talk, we discuss some of these hunts, a whole lot about turkey hunting and how as hunters and outdoors advocates, we need to help educate those who don't understand why we hunt.  Keith's video - Link below - should help.  

Why We Hunt -

Canada in the Rough

Hearkening from Peterborough, Ontario, the Beasley Brother’s passion for hunting is only surpassed by their commitment to their family and God. From an early age the brothers hunted with their father, Ken, who taught them what they needed to know about woodsmanship, responsible gun handling, and animal behaviour to fully engage them and build a foundation for their dream of working in the hunting industry.

Respect, integrity, a strong work ethic and an undying passion for hunting bond these youthful advocates of our hunting heritage at the hip. From their very first initiative to launch Ontario’s only magazine dedicated to whitetail deer hunting, these entrepreneurs have evolved Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine to become the most respected print publication authority on whitetail hunting in Ontario. Not long after they announced the start of the magazine, the brother’s were approached by Rick Poulin, the Records Chairman of The Foundation for the Recognition of Ontario Wildlife (FROW), about increasing their involvement from being official measurers to Executive Directors. With the Beasley brothers now steering the ship, FROW soared and has become a household name among big game hunters in Ontario and The Big Game Records of Ontario has grown to become a must-read by all big game enthusiasts


Turkey Talk - Ep# 004 - Chris Clark - Operations Director - Canadian Wild Turkey Federation

March 3, 2021

Turkey Talk Ep 4 - Chris Clark - Operations Director Canadian Wild Turkey Federation

In this episode, we discuss the CWTF, conservation, banquets, membership and more.  Its vital for the CWTF that we continue to support them through our memberships and participating in draws, contests and by sharing posts and other social media.  Without organizations like the CWTF, we would not have the opportunity to hunt wild turkey in Canada.  PLEASE support the CWTF. 

Sorry for the poor audio, its tough when we can't all get together!  


#keepitreal #CWTF #cwtfturkeytalk #getyourkidsoutdoors 

Turkey Talk - Ep# 003 - Anthony Dickson - Line of Sight TV

February 26, 2021

On this episode of the CWTF's Turkey Talk, we speak with Anthony Dickson from Line of Sight TV. Anthony is a true outdoorsman, having spent the better part of his life in the outdoors. Anthony shares his views on conservation, turkey hunting and his support for the CWTF. Get your kids outdoors, follow your passion and always... Keep it Real!

Turkey Talk - Ep# 002 - Federal Trigger Effect - Dean Trumbley & Kent Michie

February 21, 2021

Dean Trumbley and Kent Michie from Federal Trigger Effect are great guys, have a ton of experience and get to live the dream that most hunters have, travel the world in pursuit of wild game! We discuss their show, turkey hunting and more! Get your kids outdoors, follow your passion and always... Keep it Real!

#keepitreal #getyourkidsoutdoors #passiontoplate #sharetheoutdoors #CWTF #turkeytalk

Trigger Effect Biography


Kent Michie was born and raised in rural Manitoba in a small farming community of less than 500 people. Kent's country up bringing has imprinted upon him a real love for nature and all things wild. Like most Canadian boys, Kent has a love of hockey which enabled him to attend North Dakota State University on a scholarship where he received an Applied Sciences Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries. Kent has enjoyed a 25 years+ career as a professional big game guide throughout western Canada. While in British Columbia, Kent started a successful taxidermy business which he continues to operate today in Manitoba. As one of the Hosts for Trigger Effect, Kent brings amazing experience to the show and his intimate understanding of hunting and the species he pursues.


Dean was born and raised in the southern interior of British Columbia.  Dean comes from a long line of hunters and fisherman in his family.  His grandfather Smokey Trumbley was a pioneer in the hunting/fishing media industry being on TV, radio and newspapers in the 70’s and 80’s with Dean always at his side.  Dean attended all of his post-secondary education in southern Ontario and has been a professional wildlife/fisheries biologist for over 20-years.  Dean also used to guide big game in British Columbia and did problem animal control for the government as well.  His combination of experience as a hunter, fisherman, guide and professional biologist provided Dean with a knowledge set that has served him well throughout his outdoor career.  Dean has hunted the majority of Canada and now is one of the Hosts for the TV show Trigger Effect.  Dean presently Hosts this TV show with his life-long friend and fellow biologist/guide Kent Michie.  Dean has harvested many trophies both on the land and in the water by rifle, bow and rod.  Dean’s greatest achievement in life is his five beautiful children whom all were raised in the outdoors by their father.