March 19, 2021 Turkey Talk - Ep# 006 - Lori-Anne Horst - Canadian Sportswoman Society

CWTF's Turkey Talk Podcast Ep#006 - Lori-Anne Horst from The Canadian Sportswoman Society.  Lori-Anne and her crew have been helping others get outdoors through mentoring, workshops and seminars.  Lori-Anne is one of the most genuine people around and her mission is her passion.  Check out our conversation with Lori-Anne as she shares her journey and how she became involved in the outdoors.

About the Canadian Sportswomen Society:

The Canadian Sportswoman Society started because I and so many others out there didn't grow up having anyone to help get them into hunting or shooting sports. We want to be that support.

As there is a very steady increase in women and youth entering the hunting community, we felt what better way to help support them than to provide a safe, positive environment with hands-on learning. A base so that, once out in the field, they can directly apply a solid foundation of knowledge and confidence.

The great thing about the hunting community is that most people are very welcoming, patient, and helpful. Most are more than willing to take new people out as they want to see the future of the outdoors grow and continue to pass on our hunting heritage and conservation efforts for the generations to come.

Its been an amazing adventure. We have had the pleasure of meeting/helping hundreds of like-minded people from across the province and beyond. Many of whom I consider great friends, and cant wait to see what the future holds for us, them, and all of you.