March 27, 2021 Turkey Talk - Ep #007 - Liam Morin & Mike Finley - An Urban Outdoorsman

It's never too late to pursue your passions in the outdoors. An Urban Outdoorsman is the perfect example. These guys started in the outdoors later on in life, no mentors or prior instruction, just the need and want to get out and do it. Check out their website and podcast at

Always great to chat and hunt with these guys, enjoy!

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An Urban Outdoorsman Bio:

Mike Finley - I am an environmental lawyer who was born and raised in Toronto. I am an "adult onset" hunter - took it up 6 years ago with only the internet as a mentor. I am primarily a bird hunter, and my particular passion is upland hunting. I also love writing about hunting - my work has been published in Gray's Sporting Journal.

Liam Morin - Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Liam is an avid fan of missing things he shoots at. Generally considered a better cook than hunter he enjoys serving up wild game for friends and family. Liam co-produces the anurbandoorsman podcast and is always game to go on any new hunting adventure. He loves testing out new recipes, talking to strangers (about hunting and fishing) and improving his hunting property in Eastern Ontario, where he maintains an off-grid cabin.

Podcast: An urban outdoorsman podcast is an outdoors podcast focused hunting, fishing, camping and gardening with a particular focus on beginners. We started the podcast because we felt that there was not enough quality, canadian-based hunting content out there and not enough that was accessible to newcomers to the sport.