February 21, 2021 Turkey Talk - Ep# 002 - Federal Trigger Effect - Dean Trumbley & Kent Michie

Dean Trumbley and Kent Michie from Federal Trigger Effect are great guys, have a ton of experience and get to live the dream that most hunters have, travel the world in pursuit of wild game! We discuss their show, turkey hunting and more! Get your kids outdoors, follow your passion and always... Keep it Real!

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Trigger Effect Biography


Kent Michie was born and raised in rural Manitoba in a small farming community of less than 500 people. Kent's country up bringing has imprinted upon him a real love for nature and all things wild. Like most Canadian boys, Kent has a love of hockey which enabled him to attend North Dakota State University on a scholarship where he received an Applied Sciences Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries. Kent has enjoyed a 25 years+ career as a professional big game guide throughout western Canada. While in British Columbia, Kent started a successful taxidermy business which he continues to operate today in Manitoba. As one of the Hosts for Trigger Effect, Kent brings amazing experience to the show and his intimate understanding of hunting and the species he pursues.


Dean was born and raised in the southern interior of British Columbia.  Dean comes from a long line of hunters and fisherman in his family.  His grandfather Smokey Trumbley was a pioneer in the hunting/fishing media industry being on TV, radio and newspapers in the 70’s and 80’s with Dean always at his side.  Dean attended all of his post-secondary education in southern Ontario and has been a professional wildlife/fisheries biologist for over 20-years.  Dean also used to guide big game in British Columbia and did problem animal control for the government as well.  His combination of experience as a hunter, fisherman, guide and professional biologist provided Dean with a knowledge set that has served him well throughout his outdoor career.  Dean has hunted the majority of Canada and now is one of the Hosts for the TV show Trigger Effect.  Dean presently Hosts this TV show with his life-long friend and fellow biologist/guide Kent Michie.  Dean has harvested many trophies both on the land and in the water by rifle, bow and rod.  Dean’s greatest achievement in life is his five beautiful children whom all were raised in the outdoors by their father.